This book is made by two foodlovers, with one goal, to reduce the amount of food that we throw. it is a simple cookbook for people who like to save time, money and food. We often buy more than we can eat, but we can use the leftovers to create new, delicious meals.
Taste not waste is a collection of easy meals that you can make within 30min. It is for profesionals as well as beginners, and has a focus on simple and fresh taste with few ingredients. It is a perfect gift, and the design makes it a nice decoration on the kitchen counter. In the beginning of the book we give you some smart tips about shopping and storing food. You also have a list of sauces and 12 spices that we mainly use. It is smart to buy these so you have the basics. The rest you can get at your local supermarket.
It is easy to navigate and find the information you need. You can also download the app, so that you can bring the shopping list to the store without writing it down. You can also find us on tastenotwaste.com where we will keep you updated on new exciting dishes.
Bon appétit!
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