S U F I  -  E C O   C O F F E E   B R A N D 
Sufi is a eco friendly coffee brand.
A high quality coffee that will be available in three different styles:
100% Arabic bio, 100% Arabic Decaf bio, and Espresso bio.
Sufi is a place in Yemen where there is a myth of the first coffee uses in the whole world.
A legend see some bird eating coffee and then starts to drink it. The typography used in this logo
is simple and modern, the identity are design in the background/label.
The main logo is inspired by Arabian patterns.
I want the packaging to be decorative, therefore I use decorative arabic pattern to form a label.
The brand has two different logo to different uses. The first is the most decorative label,
and are placed on the packaging, cups, business card etc.
S I L V E R   F L O W  -  P A C K
The flow-pack is silver to be more exclusive,
but also it preserves the coffee better than if it been transparent. 
Therefore it matches their values to be eco-friendly and fair-traded. 
In Arabia silver and gold is very exclusive, and it matches their Arabian coffee pots.
I choose the silver so its get more modern, and stands out from the traditional gold.
P A C K A G I N G   A N D   P A P E R
Instead of typical brown recyclable paper, I choose 100% black recyclable paper.
Black is more exclusive and matches the values of the arabic tasty and strong coffee.
It also different from other fair trade coffee, and look more exclusive. 
The design on the packaging is very simple but decorative,
on the front it is only the label with the different tastes that are very visible compared to the black.
On the back of the packaging it a small text about the concept of this coffee. 
The first uses of coffee in Arabia.
T A S T E   A N D   C O L O R
This coffee comes in three different styles,
”100% Arabic bio”, ”100% Arabic Decaf bio” and ”Espresso bio”. 
The different between the coffee is the color, it is only used one place, but very visible difference.
The 100% Arabic bio have the green color because fair-trade and ecological compared with the color green.
The 100% Arabic Decaf bio coffee is blue because its is caffeine free. Blue matches the the clean and mild feeling.
Espresso bio has the color red, because espresso is very strong and intense like the color red.

Hope you like it.
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T H A N K   Y O U 
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